New ratings system for care homes must focus on compassion

The new ratings system for hospitals and care homes must focus on dignity, compassion and the quality of care, directors of social services have said. More »

Improve services closer to home for people with disabilities

Campaigners are calling on commissioners to offer more flexible services closer to their families in the wake of Castlebeck entering administration. More »

Does the cap fit? Social care questions contribution limit

People in England will have their lifetime contributions towards their own care capped at £75,000 - it\\\\\\\'s created a storm of debate around the limit. More »

Outlook for social care funding is getting bleaker

Services for older people and people with disabilities are still being cut despite funding being transferred from the NHS to local authority-funded social care. More »


Barker Commission: “radically reshape health and social care around needs”

The way that health and social care are currently organised and funded creates confusion, perverse incentives and much distress for individuals and families.

Home is a ‘house of horrors’ for many disabled people in UK

Home has become a house of horrors for many thousands of disabled people who find it difficult to get through their own front door or use their own kitchens and bedrooms.

Shortage of support for people with a dementia diagnosis

One in five people affected by dementia (21%) were given no information and support after a dementia diagnosis, finds a poll carried out by Alzheimer’s Society.

Ways to make end of life care free for service users

Commissioners are struggling to find innovative ways of integrating the health and social care systems to improve end of life care in some areas, a report finds.

E-learning to improve care workers’ diabetes knowledge

Diabetes UK, in partnership with Bupa, has created Diabetes in Healthcare, a free e-learning programme designed to help improve the knowledge and understanding of diabetes amongst care home workers.

Social care services “unsustainable”, funding survey shows

Adult social care services in England will soon be unsustainable if current bedgetary pressures continue, and significant measures are not taken to inject new money into local social care economies.

GP services: a guide for care home managers

Care home and nursing home residents have the same rights as the rest of the population to access the full range of general medical services, yet evidence suggest that many residents are unable to access GP services.

New guide on commissioning homecare for older people

New recommendations on how to improve care and support services for people who live at home have been launched by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

Skills bodies back National Care Home Open Day

Skills for Care and the National Skills Academy for Social Care are today releasing two short films as part their commitment to supporting the second National Care Home Open Day.

Councils must consider basic needs of people with autism

Two-thirds of adults with autism say they require someone to prompt them to wash, dress or feed themselves, a survey reveals.

Data from the National Autistic Society (NAS) reveals the scale of neglect and abuse experienced by adults with autism, and the charity warns that government’s plans for the care system could make the situation worse.

£2bn extra health and social care integration funding call

Councils and the NHS need an extra £2bn “transformation fund” to help integrate services, says the chairman of the Local Government Association.

Sir Merrick Cockell said the additional funding was needed on top of the Better Care Fund, the £3.8bn project to bring together health and social care services. He also called for the fund to become a five-year commitment, rather than the year it is officially scheduled to last.

DoLS referrals rise tenfold since Supreme Court ruling

The number of deprivation of liberty (DoLS) referrals from hospital and residential settings will spiral upwards next year.

This is the key finding of a survey of adult social care departments by ADASS.

Jump in the number of adult social care complaints

There has been a 130% increase in adult social care complaints since 2009, says the Local Government Ombudsman.

The LGO took on responsibility for registered private care providers in 2009, and adult social care has become the area of complaint with the highest uphold rate.

The Social Care Graph of Boon

Two new words entered my lexicon today, writes Vic Citarella at CPEA.

Firstly the word “methuselarity” which was coined by Aubrey de Grey to mean a future point in time when all of the medical conditions that cause human death would be eliminated and death would occur only by accident or homicide.